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Personal Homepage Thesis overview
Justin C Johnston
6063 Honeymoon Dr.
Lakeview, MI 48850
(989) 352-7493
E-mail address:
Objective Seeking a PhD candidacy, or full time employment in the area of aquatic or marine ecology.
Education Central Michigan University
Master of Science, Biology GPA: 3.5 with emphasis on aquatic ecology. Mt. Pleasant, MI

Bachelor of Science in biology, pre-professional option. Mt. Pleasant, MI
Computers: Use of Windows, Macintosh, and Unix/Linux operating systems. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and Minitab statistical software. Programming knowledge in Fortran 90, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and also limited knowledge of Javascript in web design.
Technical: Use of boats and various fisheries and aquatic research equipment. Ability to design and carry out scientific experiments in fisheries and aquatic sciences.
Personal: Certification in SCUBA. Licensed Private Pilot (not commercially certified).
to present
Michigan Water Research Center
Research Technician
Mt. Pleasant, MI
· Collected electrochemical data and water chemistry samples
· Collected and Identified zooplankton, phytoplankton, and larval fishes
· Operated research boats
· Measured stream discharge
· Estimated biomass of phytoplankton taxa
to 12/2003
Central Michigan University
Graduate Teaching Assistant (General Biology and Genetics)
Mt. Pleasant, MI
· Taught General Biology and Genetics laboratories
· Prepared lab materials prior to class
· Corrected assignments
· Proctored exams in lecture courses
to 5/3/2000
Central Michigan University, Office of Residence Life
Resident Assistant
Mt. Pleasant, MI
· Helped residents solve problems in school, in the hall, or in any other area
· Presented programs to educate and enhance the well being of residents
· Provided leadership for residents
· Performed disciplinary actions and resolved conflict when necessary
· Other duties as assigned
to 5/3/2000
Central Michigan University, Office of Residence Life
Senior Computer Technician Liaison
Mt. Pleasant, MI
· Sold and installed ethernet adapters and cables
· Involved in hiring and training of Computer Technician Liaisons
· Supervised connectivity efforts, and troubleshot connectivity problems
· Connected residents to Central Michigan University’s ResNet
to 8/23/1999
Central Michigan University, Department of Biology
Undergraduate Researcher
Mt. Pleasant, MI
· Set, retrieved, and over-hauled gill nets used to capture lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens, in Manistee Lake
· Built, set, and retrieved artificial substrate egg samplers for the capture of lake sturgeon eggs in the Manistee River
· Tagged lake sturgeon using floy, PIT, and sonic transmitter tags
· Tracked sonically tagged fish
· Recorded and analyzed data on by-catch of gill nets, sonic telemetry, and egg samplers
References Available upon request.