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More Great Fish Pictures

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There are a lot of pretty big pictures on this page so please be patient. Some of the pictures have larger versions that you can use as a background image if you want. If the image lets you click on it it will take you to a larger version.

Fishing pics from the cold Michigan Winter. Brrrr... you have to be pretty die hard to catch steelies ;)

Above is my freind Adam with a pretty steelhead fresh out of Lake Michigan. Above and right is Mike's Dad with a pesky longnose sucker (at least they entertained us for a while). Right is a young girl who netted this salmon for her dad off the peir in Manistee. I got skunked that day :(
This is a nice stream brown caught in the Betsie river.
This is my freind Chip with a nice stream brown trout caught in the Pere Marquette River near Baldwin, MI.
Bryan with a really nice male steelie. His first ever!
This is Adam with a nice ~8lb. Walleye caught off the peir in Holland in April 2004. He caught an 11 pounder a week before this one.