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I like PUNK, SKA, SWING, JAZZ, and BLUES music; hunting, fishing, and the out of doors. I like sports of all kinds. Lately I've been getting into golf. I like women who don't smoke and are athletic/fit. I have a thing for gymnasts, or any athletic girls really. I also love to fly small airplanes. I'm a licensed private pilot. My dad is selling his Cessna 172 which you can see here. I'm hoping that he changes his mind because if he sells it I wont have anything to fly :(


I'm 26 years old. I am finishing my Masters Degree in Biology at Central Michigan University. I suppose you could say I have an emphasis in aquatic ecology. I study the diet of larval yellow perch. My project is pretty much done and I am currently spending a lot of time writing my thesis and searching for interesting PhD porgrams. I would love to study Marine or Aquatic Ecology.


I dislike rap and pop music (just not very appealing, but I listen to it at the bars anyways). I hate when people smoke around me, I wish they were all considerate enough to stand the 25 feet away from buildings that they are supposed to. What would be great would be smoke free bars :) That would rock!