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Welcome to the Colorado trip 2002 page!
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This is a picture of all of us at Winter Park, CO. It was a great trip! Some of the best skiing I've ever experienced. People top from left to right: Scotty, Brent, Sara, Eric, Adam, and Jared... Bottom: ME! ... Missing: Jay and Ally

Just some beautiful mountains.

Pretty mountain stream! Actually, this stream ran right through the town of Silverthorne but you can't hardly tell. Just to the left of the picture there is a mini mall, and I had to wait for some cars to drive over a bridge so that you didnt see that the bridge was there.

This is a picture looking into the stream. Seeing fish like that just swimming there makes me begin to drool. I really needed to fish all of a sudden. I resisted and satisfied my urge instead by going to the nearby fly shop!

As natural as this picture looks, I didn't get a housing for my camera until this last christmas. This is actually a picture taken from an aquarium in the nearby fly shop in Silverthorne that I mentioned in the previous caption.

Looking out from Winter park.

The peak at Winter Park. I got elevation sickness up here (~12,000ft.). I never thought that I would be one to get that, but I did and it sucked. The worst headache I've ever gotten, little dizziness, and I tasted blood when I breathed for while :( I was good to go by the next day though. I guess us lowlanders need time to adjust.

Left: This is just a cool hill that we took at Winter Park. Right: This is the other side of the caution sign. The rocks are poorly marked and I lost a nice chunk out of my base there.

A picture from the parking lot of Steamboat. That was a great place to ski, but the lines were a bit rough. I prefered Winter Park even though there were fewer snow bunnies there ;)

A picture of Breckenridge. Huge place, never skiied there because well, I dunno why. Just didn't.